This photo story has been waiting quite a long time to be published in full. There was always a reason why I was waiting this long but the most important was I wanted to have a new website and then start a blog. The new website is almost here along with the blog but I don't want to wait any more :) 
There it is. One of my first family lifestyle photoshoots done in Nívar, in Granada for Celia and her beautiful family. We met at the end of August when temperatures go sky high but among lemon and olive trees that surround their house it was perfect. 
This photoshoot is a great example of lifestyle photography. What does it mean? In few words: natural, no posing, being you. It's all about who you really are and what relationship you have with your close ones. It's all about having fun and treating it as opportunity to spend some time with your family, forgetting the camera. Have a look. It's all here.  

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