Let me take you to the sun-soaked beach of Estepona, a perfect backdrop for a special celebration. I was asked to capture the 70th birthday of two remarkable ladies, surrounded by the love and laughter of their sisters. This photoshoot wasn't just about capturing memories, it was a statement of joy and young spirit that these wonderful women demonstrated
From the moment I arrived, the air was filled with laughter and excitement. The sisters shared their childhood stories and teased each other like they always have. It was clear to me, that their bond was the secret ingredient to staying young at heart.
After a fun-filled photoshoot with plenty of candid moments and toasts with sparkling wine during the picnic we moved to the beach. Hugs, dancing, jumping through the waves that just few highlights of the beach session. 
What's the secret to staying young? That's the question that crossed my mind. According to these amazing women, who called themselves The Great 5, it's all about laughter, love, and never taking life too seriously. They believe n celebrating the small moments, cherishing family ties, and always finding reasons to smile. 
So, here's to being Forever Young, no matter what the calendar says!

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